EasyVisit, our web-based portal for tour and route planning has received exciting new features and improvements in the third quarter update. Use the selectable display forms of the Background map in the variants Road, Grey Scales or Aerial to design your route planning according to your preferences.

You can now use the new Search for address with integrated autosuggestion for even more flexible positioning of your location. Import reports are generated and saved during automated data import. You also benefit from improvements in user management for Windows authentication and much more…

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Stay up to date. We will be happy to train you – at your premises or with us. Beginners are just as welcome as users who work with EasyMap irregularly or at longer intervals. We can respond to your individual wishes and questions during the training. Register now. We still have dates available, namely:

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As a member of infas Holding, we can increasingly combine our software and consulting expertise with the data and analysis expertise of infas 360. For the benefit of our customers.

We have currently put together a consumer and a company data package for you and prepared it for EasyMap.

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The integration of new maps and data makes your results in EasyMap more up-to-date and precise. With Service Pack 9 you can view our base map and data catalog directly in EasyMap: Via the control windows „Data“ or „Base Maps“, alternatively also via the menu item „Extras/Install base maps and data“ you reach the corresponding tabs „Data catalog“ and „Map catalog“.

Take a look at our offer, select and order directly from EasyMap. Immediately after the order has been accepted, the new components are available to you at the same location in EasyMap under the „Install“ tab.


Boom or non-boom? E-cars in Germany

The map of the month July shows the growth of registered electric cars from 1.1.2018 to 1.1.2019 at the level of the official registration districts of Germany. In addition, there is a Top 10 representation of the districts with the highest absolute number of registered electric cars in 2019.

Are you interested in these or other data sets? Then please feel free to contact our data team at info@geomarketing.de

Data source: Kraftfahrtbundesamt, 2019

Map of the month: E-cars in Germany

Company start-ups in Germany

The map shows the company start-ups between 01.06.2018 and 31.05.2019 in Germany according to commercial register B (HRB). The area colouring shows the newly founded company in proportion to the total number of entries in the HRB in the postcode area. Click on the map to display the percentages.

If you are interested in these or other data sets, such as population figures, households and purchasing power, please contact our team at info@geomarketing.de

Data source: infas 360 GmbH, 2019

To the map of the month: New company start-ups


The „mobile-onlys“ are coming:

Goodbye landline? More and more people can only be reached by telephone via a mobile phone. The figures vary, but can reach up to 40% in some areas. infas 360 has calculated the percentages for Germany on the basis of a survey. We present the results in our map of the month.

Map of the month: The „mobile-onlys“ are coming

In this exercise we will show you how to determine the points (e.g. customers) that lie within a certain radius around points on another level (e.g. sellers). For this purpose we will use functions of the symbol and radius analysis. We create a query in order to record the results clearly in tabular form. The procedure is available in both the EasyMap DistrictManager Edition and the Standard Edition.

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Always stay up to date. The new base maps for EasyMap are now available. All official changes in the territory structure are integrated. With this map update you always work in the current areas and save yourself unpleasant surprises during your planning or sales force visit!

For customers with a service subscription, this is a service within the scope of your update and service agreement. For all others we offer attractive update conditions. Just ask us.

Switching to the latest maps is very easy. The „Install base map“ and „Change base map“ functions allow you to replace old base maps with new ones. Our videos explain the procedure: [VIDEO Install base maps], [VIDEO Change base maps]. Please go to „Settings“ in the lower bar of the video frame and switch to „English“ under „Subtitles“.

Do you have any questions? We are happy to answer your questions by e-mail or by phone at +49 (228) 959 14 14.

Renewable energy plants in Germany:

The map shows a selection of registered renewable energy plants published by the Federal Network Agency.

The heat maps show the distribution of wind farms on land and at sea, biomass plants and photovoltaic plants on open spaces.

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